Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ehm... A Bit Silly *Blushes Slightly*

Ehmmm... I haven't got a clue how or what to write.

Burn2 is in full swing and I'm there... with an umbrella. Don't ask me why. Seemed the right place to blog about an umbrella... but it grew to a sort of performance piece. I've been standing here for hours in the desert with an umbrella that makes it rain. The idea is a bit hilarious, it doesn't even rain until I open the umbrella. How about that?

Silly Thing 1

In the beginning it was only me in normal clothes clasping an umbrella, standing on one of the empty parcels that dots the festival. One minute I was in a warm jacket and rubber boots, standing on the parched soil looking like a one person rain storm and and the next I looked like this! The effect this place has on you!

Silly Thing 2

What really gobsmacks me with this umbrella from NODe is the beauty of the animated rain that plashes against the material and runs off the cloth. I've mentioned this in another post. It really has to be seen to be believed. I tried in vain to catch the magic in a photo, but the effects have the subtlety you can expect from a japanese creator. I had to contend with catching the different textures available in my version (several other sets at the store). There's even a good sound effect!

However, to be honest, this marvel has a couple of draw backs, the most serious being that the AO interferes with the hold pose when you walk so the umbrella swings everywhere except over your head. That's a serious point. But then... the big cloud of rain has no hope to keep up with you anyway when you walk. The second one is less serious. The umbrella opens and closes with a quick click, but how heavy rain, even if any at all, is decided by pure chance. Very poetic, but more control would be welcome. Said like a typical westener.

Silly Thing 3

Other things of interest... simply listed from top to bottom:

Mask - Sirius 'V' Mask by Sirius Solo free on the marketplace or in his inworld store (can't access    profiles atm, so I can't give LM).

Jacket/gloves - Part of the Reputation outfit, group gift at Beautiful Dirty Rich.

Corset with pants - Santina corset - ALB Dreamfashion.

Tutu - Fairy Land Tutu by Trill Zapatero, free from the tutu tree, just inside the front gate at Burn2. Many colours to choose from.

Socks - Loose socks from Klamotte, comes in colour packages of four for 180L (I seem to remember...)

Chucks - Smilys by [-yo-], bought at XYRoom (VERY happy but texture is a bit disappointing, even for the discounted price).

Trust Murphy's law... back home, changed outfit, opens the umbrella to confirm what I'd written about the animation and get a deluge.... At least you can see the rain now ^^ Take care and have fun!

Silly Thing 4

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