Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time to Party!

It's party time! ALB Dreamfashion celebrates the redesign of the whole sim 1st of March with a whole day of partying. There'll be LIVE music all through the day plus firework and tours, full program can be found here => X :) It will be a day full of music and colour, that's for sure! Knowing Ana, there will be gifts as well *nods nods*

ALB Opening 1

And why am I so happy to promote this event? Well... you should know by now I've got a particularly soft spot for ALB Dream fashion and will do what I can to help AnaLee Balut's creativity flowing. I like wild design and rich and detailed textures and her clothes keeps me happy with such.

Like these two, presented here... Above parts, and only parts, of the Rosalyn Dress (Thank you Ana!). There's a corset, bustle a la burlesque, top and sleeves included in the outfit. This is but my choice of the riches. Somewhere among the loose whisps of the hair is the black feathery plumes that comes with the mask, also part of the Rosalyn. I like the contrast created by the stark colour combination of the colours and the softness of patterns and motives.

Make up: 'Old' BodyCross and AstroGlam from Nuuna
Hair: ARK554 from BooN  
Boots: Flora boots from Lassitude & Ennui

ALB Opening 2

I hope the bare chest doesn't offend anyone... you'll just have to suffer for my art so to speak. The composition accidentally came out too good to miss. Let's say I'm wearing my male nipples today *nods nods*

The Santina 'dress' is very different colour wise, earth married the rainbow. I wear the included Santina corset quite often with other things. In this outfit, the full corset and pants are combined with brightly coloured and lacy flexis. Again, I've skipped the top bit... it's very fem, nice but totally fem. 

Hair: One of the new colours of Lotta, available for La Venta Eventa at Discord Designs. They are fabulous so I hope they'll be continued.
Necklace: From free african male outfit at Peace and Lol 
Thong: Sockers ringed, 'old' from Jungle Wear

These two outfits are totally carnivale and mardi grass in one sweet go! Thank you AnaLee Balut!

Photos were taken in some sweet corners I found on the sim. 

March 1st... that's sort of REAL SOON. Hope to see you there!!!

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