Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Something old, something new...

...... nothing borrowed but a lot of blue. sYs has put out their new group gift so it's time to create a little story again. Even if it's not always apparent, creating outfits is the creation of a narrative, a story. In SL, the story can be set in some real exotic place that's sprouted out of someone's imagination creating a bigger story still. The pure wonder of that, too often forgotten, fact hits me big time in moments when whatever creates a crack in the numbed state of everydayness.

The gift mentioned above is the pair of the blue version of the DOOM boots which are a sYs new release. i.e. other colours are available in the store. Fortunately the resulting outfit made me feel rather on top of the world, otherwise I would be rather shaky balancing this precariously close to the edge trying to look cool.

Something old, something new... 1

I do not know if it's by accident or purpose the blue version of sYs' new FATALE leggings are up for only 1L. A lucky find if ever there was one whatever the reason. There's a yummy choice of intricately patterned leggings and if you, like me, are a lover of fancy pants I recommend you go and have a drool. The hair is a modded Marlon, one of the new releases from CheerNo, not free.

Something old, something new... 2

The rest of the stuff is 'old', meaning that even if I give the SLURLs, I can't swear the stuff is still available. Top comes from Diram's Cassie outfit (belonging leather jacket blogged here => X) while the cropped jacket... sweater... hmmm... a great bulky crop whatever with topical shoulder pads comes from the Dancing in the Dark outfit, a past group gift from Beautiful Dirty Rich. The sky blue tie is part of an extremely useful and attractive fat pack of 14 different coloured flexi ties, The Tie, from DCNY which is available on the Marketplace for your convenience. 

Well, that's it really. Poses are my own and the location is Bladerunner City. Take care and have fun ^^

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