Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Allure of Luxury

Darwin was wrong me thinks... Humans didn't evolve from monkeys. With our love for shiny things, it's obvious we evolved from magpies *nods nods* Why else would glitter and colour be so fatally attractive that peeps have died for it? Ever seen a monkey hoarding shiny things? Nope. Magpies I tell you, MAGPIES. *Taps hir nose knowingly*

I even feel like a bird in this stuff. Not so much as a peacock, the colours are wrong and my butt isn't THAT big, but as one of that alluring fem variety.

Just as I had found and picked up my jaw from the floor after exploring ALB Dream Fashion's Muse in my last post, AnaLee put out this month's (February) group gift (1L) for men, Sahid. It's an indian prince costume, I think, and it looks great on the male model. There's turban with feathers and all and quite a few alternatives how to wear it. HOWEVER, you actually don't have to be a male model to wear it, the freedom in the outfit is open to umteen possibilities for any gender and profession.

The Allure of Luxury 1

The textures are rich and luxurious, as you expect from Ana. My mind went BANG! when I tried it on together with the WomenStuff Hunt item at Finesmith I'd picked up on my little collecting-shiny-things-round.

The mint coloured jewellery Leatetia set brought my associations to the patina of the old copper roofs of the 'old world' and I lost myself  in the scrumptious elegance of the Edwardian period of the early 1900s. The long shank version of myself added to this fantasy and suddenly I lived in european exoticism surrounded by hand stitched clothing covered by delicate embroidery and precious stones. Cultural imports from all over the world fusing into something very special and very western. Shhhh.... this is SL and no hordes of exploited workers are needed to keep this illusion alive. SL is guilt free luxury, and, in this case, plain free.

The Allure of Luxury 2

The whole outfit is designed to be used with a system skirt part and without that bit, some extra bits are needed to cover up the slight gap between pants and top. I added the rose Snake Belt (ALB Dream Fashion) and a modded Harem Sach (Ladies Who Lunch) for some matching effect around the waist.

Tan Miss Highlands boots comes from Lassitude & Ennui, hair is Kimba from Alli & Ali.

The Allure of Luxury 3

Another option is to turn the Sahid outfit into a stylish dress of the period. The only things that has been changed is the replacing pants with the full length skirt option and squeezing into some other boots, here the colourable version of the Laced and Strap Heels, Blackburns on the Marketplace. 

Result? I'm happy... hope you are, too :) And.... AND... I just realise I'm in my first dress since I started blogging! Woohooo!

Anyway, take care and have fun :)

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