Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pretty Things and Lashes

Hello again :) Today I would like to do something different. Something small and quiet without too much stuff and business. Something small and intimate. So what about just some close ups?

N@N@ is a little store which is worth keeping an eye on, I've discovered. Actually it's not THAT little, it's three stories and actually rather big. It's filled with a HUGE collection of eclectic jewellery. A lot of it is outright quirky as well. 

The compact walls of vendors can be daunting, but a careful browse can reward you with that unique set or piece that will set an outfit just right or excite the mind. It's an interesting place, to say the least.

The top floor has only 10L items plus a lucky chair. Oh, don't forget the free gift on the middle floor... there's a pair of VERY interesting ear rings on offer atm.

Of Things and Lashes 1

There's also always special offers on the go. This Projections set was offered, limited edition of 100, for only 10L. I think it looks Art Deco or even Futurism to the 'wow!' level and I simply love it.

Projections is now available among the new releases at full price... but there's another design on offer now for the same price. The special offer board is on the wall just inside the door.

Of Things and Lashes 2

Since I'm up close, I'll just continue. First, please welcome another of my custom skins from Blush. Still based on the Elle, with body shading done especially, this hue was inspired by a talk about androgyny and angels. Pretty, eh? I have actually worn it in a couple of other posts, but not said anything. And hush, yet again, if you're relying on customer skins, a new one is a big deal. Thank you Marie, for taking on this job :)

The gold/green make up with it's soft lip stain is the Verde Otoro Makeover from Mock I got it in a hunt Mockie had a short time ago, but it has actually just been released in the store... a few minutes ago XD

The fluffy Catwalk Lashes Twinkle with their white details is from the latest group gift at Miamai (50L join fee). They're mesh and easy enough to adjust so even I can do it. Real close up they have these fine scrolled white lines, but from a slight distance there's just a faint cloud of little white dots... a very nice subtle effect against the softness of the make up. 

Pretty things, eh? Take care all and have fun :)

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