Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Jick AND Jall Hunt Part 1

Hiya, been a few days since the last post. The Jack or Jill Hunt started and by it's very nature, it was a real MUST for me.  Being a Jack AND Jill by nature, I had a few stores to visit, which is why I'm running a little bit slow.

Quick run down on the hunt: Lasts to 29 February, obviously this year. Organised by Deprived Nation (sponsored by Razorblade Jacket, KKMAD and American Bazaar) and using Razorblade Jacket  as a starting point. From there, the paths diverge as boys and girls follow their own independent trail through 50 odd stores each. It's well organised with an online SLURL and hint list.

It's the 'or' in the title that kicked me into action... Why this constant choice between fem or male... what about 'both' and 'neither'? *Feels the two boats under my feet quickly drift apart and, without middle ground, falls splash in the wet* Anyway, there's not much else to do but to take a ride in each boat in turn and see what happens.

I thought that for this first instalment, I would focus on stuff from a strictly 'correct' gender pow. For a second, why not revisit all the stuff and explore gender blurring?

Jick AND Jall 1

The first two outfits are made up ENTIRELY of hunt gifts. This always includes a certain amount of 'make do with', so please bear with me ^^

Hair: #01 KMADD
Sweatshirt: #33 Goth1c0
Tee: #50 ShirtShop
Double Belt: Mesh. Comes in three sizes and colour change options. Doesn't matter how much I like them, they're still way too large. They are goodies, however, and I want to include them. #09 [JP]:dsg
Jeans: #25 Lash-Ware
Sneakers: Vintage comics print. #19 AsYLUM

Jick AND Jall 2

Sun glasses: Mesh. #37 Kumaki
Piercings: #49 Sour Pickles
Scarf: #05 Just You Jewels

Jick AND Jall 3

From the fem path:

Hair: #09 JeSyLiLo
Make up: #11 Loulou&Co
Moustache: From male path. #42 Jaryth's Barber Shop
Hoops: #02 Apple MayDesigns
Top: #43 Xplosion
Tattoo: #26 Endless Pain Tattoos
Skirt: #07 Sassy!
Shoes: #25 Sakide

*Clears hir throat* I laughed, too, seeing myself like this and couldn't resist digging up some old body hair. BUT, there's a serious point here.  A woman can slip into male clothes and no one bats an eyelid. If anything, she just look 'de-sexualised', see top outfit. BUT, a man attempting the reverse becomes a joke. A little thought for everyone: IF there's gender equality now as political correctness will have it, why hasn't this relationship changed? My thought is that it proves nothing has changed, we're still as mired in an unequal power relationship.

Comments welcome and will be answered as thoughtfully as I can. Comments like 'faggot' will simply be ignored but kept since they prove my point XD

Jick AND Jall 4

ANYWAY... back to CLOTHES! I NEED something strictly personal to end this first instalment.

 If I was to choose a favourite from this hunt, it would be a pair of tweed pants (#02 Shiki) with a yummy rich herring bone texture. MORE... they are fully mod, which I just love. A couple of minutes work produced these shorts, already a loved garment. Thank you Shinichy Mathy!

A last few items from the hunt:

Fedora (with hair): #10 Amacci
Piercings: #03 iPoke
Bracelet: In all three outfits. #48 Lil Bitz
Ring: In all three outfits. #41 Barbie Bitch
Nails: In all three outfits. #04 Virtual/Insanity Yup, it's guy stuff ;)

Non JOJH items:

Recycled necklace and boots: Both from DECO, a small store into which I've poured some lindens
Spiral necklace: ADDW Hunt,  Just You Jewels
Tattoo: Opening gift, Vestigium
Socks: Izzie's - Garter Socks, handy fat pack (27 colours, 270L) bought on Marketplace

The end of the first part. Hopefully I'll be back with the second before the hunt ends. Hope there's something here to inspire you to do the hunt... BOTH paths.

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