Saturday, February 4, 2012

The sky's the limit

There's a few days since I published something. Spending so much time and effort with other people's creations is infectious. I've been bitten by the build bug and been busy busy busy.... Packed my Lego and headed off to the nearest sandbox so to speak.

Right now, I'm caught by the lure of big, bright and colourful. Think large plastic pieces. It was the piano rings two posts ago that caught me, I think. Inworld, where everything is just pixels, why do we stick to 'precious' materials? At least that's what I asked myself after finding this heap of goodies.

The sky's the limit 1

You might not be too surprised that I found it at CheerNo. They've put out some collections of outfits for only 99L each that includes some real beauts - never before has Lego had this allure. The finish might not be top notch and the prim bits un-neccesarily script heavy, BUT, disregarding my nerdy combo, they all have the fresh edge that's the brand mark of this store. All male, gutsy such, and anything but mainstream. 

The sky's the limit 3

The bright colours and low prices meant me going sort of just adequately mad. The Lego necklace is from Cubolandia, as is the bucket with Lego in the top pic, while the glasses and (hinted) tee was picket from Retrage. Finally, the Lego pants in the top pic is found in the Form outfit. All these from the Montage collection.

The red CYBERline.AcceS:USB#45 is one of several necklaces using cable and chains that's available separately in the outlet now. They seem to be old stuff that's out of retirement, pardon me if I'm mistaken. 

The Jesus Heart and the Egg (featured below), on the other hand, are both new releases. The heart is sort of timely considering THAT time of THIS particular month and despite my general hostility against religion, I find this piece hilarious.

The sky's the limit 2

The TOLEDO vest is CheerNo's offer in the present round at TDR. I know now what the bodyPOP I bought last year has been waiting for ^^ (No longer available.) Hair is one of their new releases, Marlon.

Last details from other stores:

Socks - Argyle Socks with Suspenders. Classics from Pig. Only available on marketplace now
Shoes - Soubresout by 2g
Ring - Pac-Man from yoyo9

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