Friday, February 17, 2012

The Jick AND Jall Hunt Part 2

Back again with more goodies from the Jack Or Jill Hunt. Should do some stuff in FL really, but don't seem to be able to push this aside... so here goes...

Recap of hunt info for those who didn't see the first part:  Lasts to 29 February, obviously this year. Organised by Deprived Nation (sponsored by Razorblade Jacket, KKMAD and American Bazaar) and using Razorblade Jacket  as a starting point. From there, the paths diverge as boys and girls follow their own independent trail through 50 odd stores each. It's well organised with an online SLURL and hint list. *Breaths out*

Last time I kept within the gender borders. After publishing that lot I threw myself straight back into the pile without regard for 'gender' to see what else there was... sligthly worried, since I had already ticked off some nice items :P

Any fears of running out of blogable stuff were, however, unfounded. Yet again, the following outfits are made up ENTIRELY of hunt items, so, please, be kind.


(Look at the mad squint in the full figure... XD. Couldn't get close to it without loosing it, unfortunately.)

Hair, hair base included: #34 Raw House
Eyes, both hypnotic, animated prims or systems included: Different colours gifts in both paths: #50 Birth, #12 Birth
Eye make up: #24 Amacci
Lip piercings: #33 Sour Pickles
Ear piercings: Modded from lip piercing. #49 Sour Pickles
Tattoo: #17 Fe
Tee: #40 Onyx Wear
Skirt: Part of pretty dress. #18 Leri Miles
Pants: #32 DROP
Heels: Red version used in last post. #25 SAKIDE

Lip colour: Goth black, smeared (A:S:S, not free) over Lilac Prom night Lip Balm (Mock, free sample).


Eye jewellery/piercing: #14 A:S:S
Tattoo, including make up: #44 Hysteria
Necklace: Fem versions included. #07 KOSH
Suspenders: Male gift is included with fem. #46 Xplosion
Nails: #27 Croire
Pants: Another item from this excellent gift. #25 SAKIDE
Heels: #37 Sweet Antidote

Observe that the 'male' suspenders are used with 'fem' pants... the ONLY pants in the hunt I could find that fit. See? Gender blurring is the best! ;) 


Sun glasses: #18 Sin & Virtue
Jacket: #44 Gabriel
Jumper: It's male and PINK! Included pants blogged in last post. #02 Shiki
Jeans: #29 Travesty
Boots: Gift for genders versions of same. #45 Loordes of London, #16 Loordes of London

Doh! An all 'male' one... didn't notice that until now. 

Hehehehe... I've sort of hopping from one stereotype to another here. After the first two rather dystopian characters it was time for the last outfit which required an out door setting. I found myself muttering 'prat', preceded by some G-unfriendly adjectives while contemplating this figure. Hir more wholesome complexion and wotnots and clothes suggested hem as one who's been benefitting from the surrounding environmental degradation. Well, there you have it, both gender and class war in one single hunt... not bad.

Two top poses are from Momomuller or 3M, bottom AO stand, Oracule

That's it from this hunt. I've got five decent complete outfits plus some real keepers, that a high score. The Jack or Jill hunt will therefore have to be declared a real success... even if the name is obviously a spelling mistake and it's really called the Jick AND Jall hunt. 

Photos were taken on Virtual Decay


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