Friday, June 24, 2011

Mom I promise I'll stop playing SL (someday in the far future LOL)


Hello!! This photo is basically what I love to do these days, I'm off for college and accounting degree so I'm in SL 24/7 (erm not that much but A LOT!), sorry mom but it's true ;)

So when I found this Geek Ultra Nook couch at
Tasty for FREE I thought I was in a mirror XD. Get it for the Geekgasm Hunt!


I've always used big bags for college, so this one by Cool Beans seemed cool to match my lovely geeky look: there are my glasses, my music, my phone, and even my pencil for my exams!! Get it for FREE doing the Geekgasm hunt too.

And you definately need to do more hunting to get this FREE outfit from
Boof (I got confused and unpack the male version lol but the female is the same but smaller XD)

Finally if you liked to play with rubik's cube, get this earring + ring set at
Cracked Mirror, as a FREE hunt gift also.

By the way my gorgeous skin is the new group gift of
Al Vulo

If you wanna see more prizes for this hunt and other things, come by blog MY.SL.LITTLE.SECRET . Thanks!:D

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