Friday, June 3, 2011


Not that I'm a geek or anything, but the past few weeks have been full of me bouncing excitedly about the Super Hero hunt. Because I'm not a geek, I'm a super geek!

Now it's here? Wow, this is a rough and tumble hunt. I gather it's the organiser's first effort so I think it's sane to focus on the positives. For folks like me this is a mega-collection of superhero and comicbook goodness! And some of the stores are producing some awesome items I have to say, I mean this is heaven for me. Obviously for my speedy blog post there was no better choice than the gift from Diavolicious


Flash is... the Flash!

Hey come on, I said I was a super geek up there, you can't grumble about that one.

Anyway, yes. A word of warning to anyone keen on this hunt, the hunttrail is insanely messed up. I've been landing in stores out of order, stores that got the application form but never made it in. Basically it's a bit of an effort. Hopefully it will be improved if they run another hunt, but for now I think it's still worth the effort. A lot of the stores are giving great gifts, and it's a nicely sane 63 stores long so you can actually do it fairly relaxed.

So if you love your heros, go see what you can find! I think you'll like the gifts, even if you'll want to slap me when you tp to a random empty parcel every so often.


Margot said...

This is such an awesome photo... great job!

Flash said...

Why thank you, it was my first time trying motion blur that way so I was a bit nervous about it if I'm honest.