Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fish Bait

I've been breaking the rules today.

It all started with a trip to [BAIT]. See, they have a Father's Day mini hunt happening, and I'm not a father (nor is it still Father's Day) but I did it anyway! 10 little cans of worms tucked away in the store giving... two pairs of jeans, three shirts, those awesome gloves, a pair of eyes tears, a lip tattoo, and a belly tattoo. Not a bad little haul! Of course then I got out of hand.

Fish Bait

I liked the Sweetish Fish tank so I grabbed a fishing hat and my hobo raft (full of drink) and set sail. I figured it would be a nice little trip, but the beer was flowing and before I knew it I'd crashed!

So although I'm not a father, here's some fatherly advice. Kids, don't drink and sail! It may be a big rubber boat moving slower that the beer through your body but you can still hurt your pride when you crash.

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