Sunday, June 5, 2011

Time For Tea

Having been so super lately I was looking forward to a peaceful Sunday morning. But oh no, that just can't happen can it? I'm nearly a quarter of the way through Silk Road Hunt 2 which, like other hunts from those organisers, is wonderfully well constructed. Admittedly a lot larger than I'd typically like, but the impressive organisational skills do make it feel far less daunting.

But anyway, right at the start you can get not one, but two gifts! The bonus gift being a Tea House from Johanna Joubert which was wonderfully comfortable. Thankfully I also picked up this rather stunning lounger robe from Luminous Designs (which came with the modesty saving and rather snugly pleasurable undies you see peeping through).

Unfortunately though, I fear my superhero secret identity may be rumbled, since I found out someone was tampering with my tea. As much as I wanted to relax, I knew this needed action. So I quickly bulked up with the 7' Stocky Shape from Sparklie Silks and called in some reinforcements.

Tea Protection

The battle cry went out and they arrived! Crazy Cakes sent Ninja Bear, and The Mad Hattery sent the panda posse - you may struggle to spot them though since they came complete with my camoflague - the bamboo hat they're all lurking in, ready to pounce!

Now if anyone tries to mess with my Sunday... me and the gang are ready for you!

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