Saturday, June 18, 2011

1L Skin, Free Panda & Lingerie

I popped over to [AE} Clothing today and found this pretty promotional skin for only 1L. I think this skin has a very sexy, sultry look with the cat like eyes and slightly parted come hither lips. And you gotta love the 1L price tag. As I said, it's a promotional skin, pre-release, so I don't know how long it will be available at this price.
A&E Skin & Loka Panda

Since I just had to tell you about the skin, I figured I'd let you know about two free items also. Just join the LOW Sales Customers group in world for free. You will be able to pick these up at Eminence Square or at the stores.

From now until midnight tomorrow (Sunday-SL time), you can get this oh so adorable baby panda from Loka Design for FREE! He makes cute little mewling noises when touched, or just periodically when not touched. And his hat is color change, so you can match him with your outfits!
A&E, Loka, Carrie's

Starting at 1 a.m. Monday, SL time, you can get this lovely lingerie from Carrie's Lingerie for FREE. Sapphire is such a rich elegant color, and the lace and pearls really gives this design a sweet sexy look.

Don't forget to shop the LOW sale this week. Check out all of the great creations on the BLOG.
Happy shopping!

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