Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eye eye, I must be an A:S:S!

A lot of my friends have been very, very excited about the fact that Poetic are having a big eye sale. It seems to be 50%/75% discounts meaning 50-100L for a pair of eyes so some good shopping there, they certainly make some nice eyes.

Unfortunately for them, I won't be shopping there this sale. Nothing against them, it's just that Photos Nikolaidis of A:S:S has just launched Vision Eyes. And as I'm a giant ass I am in the A:S:S group, meaning I woke up this morning to find a group gift stuffed with the things. And I really do mean stuffed. This could be the most items I've rezzed in a group gift because... well. I got a sample set from each range, as textures. Plus the prim versions. Plus extra effects such as tears, extra reflections, and... well I don't know because I lost track of it all! The only thing the gift didn't include was an alpha layer, but given that I just can't make prim eyes work without one, I already had one. And I just got given more eyes than my inventory can fit on the screen, so I don't think I can grumble really. It's not as if it's impossible to find a free eye alpha if you don't already have one so I am one happy giftie.

And then I tried them on and I got even happier. These are good eyes! I checked the store and they're 50L a pair, with fatpacks giving a big discount on the ranges. Personally I'm not a fan of fatpacks for a range since I usually like shades of blue so I'd rather buy a fatpack with each style in my chosen colour usually, but that's me. And to be honest Vision has a few ranges that could convince me otherwise. So here's a quick look at my gift listing (although now I'm out of world I believe I missed at least one set of eyes so this gift is even more generous than the images suggest - but serioiusly, my screen is only so big).

Homesick Eyes - Helsinki (extra reflex)vision-eyes_001Homesick Eyes - Helsinki
Resurrection Eyes - Teal (Large pupil)vision-eyes_002Resurrection Eyes - Teal (Small pupil)
Moonlight in your eyes, reflexvision-eyes_003Vampiric eyes - blood
Soultrap eyesvision-eyes_004Sparkles in your eyes
Darkness in your eyes - cinnamonvision-eyes_005Eclipse eyes - atlantic
Heterochromia eyes - blue & hazelvision-eyes_006Heterochromia eyes - blue


Now some of those are not stuff I'd wear often. Great for a certain look but not so much daily eyes (at least for me anyway). The Eclipse are my pick of the more artistic eyes - when you really zoom in they have some lovely features. That said, the Heterochromic blues have been left in. I like them, and my partner who has been known to complain when I try new eyes likes them too! We shall see, but I feel they may be loitering.

Oh, and because it makes me chuckle...

In the store they have a pair of gatcha machines. one giving pairs of eyes, and one giving single eyeballs. They're called "Oddballs"!

It made me laugh anyway.


clueuin said...

Yup! Very nice. Good writer. Hon, you ever thought of freelance writing for some magazines? Just a thought. See ya hon! Duces!

Lady MAR

Flash said...

Thanks, that's very kind of you to say. I've actually not thought about magazines, which is strange since I think some of them are incredible. It's a good idea, I think it might be a good avenue for something I've got sitting here.

I may have to investigate this!

Photos Nikolaidis said...

Eye alphas are super easy to make, since eyes has it's own checkbox when you make a new alpha layer. You don't even need a texture for it, just check the box in appearance, alpha, and you're set to go. ^^

Flash said...

Aha, I've mainly had alphas for shoes/boots so I'm used to them being custom for an item but that makes sense for eyes. Bah, far too easy now I think about it! I should've guessed I was missing something.

Oh, and I'm still wearing these eyes. I think this is only the third set I've ever worn for more than a few hours.