Thursday, June 30, 2011

Avast me hearties!

Shiver me timbers, tomorrow see the start of the Skull 'n' Bones hunt, and being a downright dastardly devil I manage to grab myself an early prize from 22769 (I think they just tell me about fun stuff so I don't litter up their store too much but I don't care!).

Now they have a rather snazzy male and female deckhand outfit on offer, which is... erm... rather snazzy. The mermaids stole my thesaurus, sorry. I decided to wear the male one, and then I decided to take it off. Not completely of course; you can really catch the sun on the high seas and naked sunburn is not fun! But I did take off the shirt prim, it did nothing for me. I'm not a huge fan of shirt prims anyway, but this shirt really does work better as a slightly torn slightly cropped top. I suspect the femme version gets a few extra hottie points that way too. But unfortunately I didn't get a chance to find out. Never rip your clothes in front of a woman, 'cause my Cap'n found out and strung me up for a flogging!


Frankly I don't know why I got in such trouble! With the ripped shirt you could see a bit more of my pirate tattoos from Urban Republic Co.. Not completely obviously, see my above comment about wanting to avoid sunburnt nipples, but you can see a bit more. I kinda like that I get to pretend I have a gun tucked inside my pants with that tattoo actually.

So for anyone who has been waiting for "Flash: Seaman" there ya go, and I won't even make you walk my plank!

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