Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wolverine is Okey!

Many moons ago, before the lunar eclipse, I howled at the moon and became Wolverine thanks to OKEY DESIGNS (also on Marketplace for anyone not adult verified). It was a very cool outfit I have to say. In fact I still have it and I've been known to slip into it every so often. But the other night I was talking to Cron Nexen about the various product updates he's been doing over there, and I mentioned that he should give me a shout when he remakes Wolverine because... well, it seems almost every straight woman and gay guy likes it. In fact quite a few straight men and gay women do too - wrap an Okey bulge in some Hugh Jackman styled latex and it seems you can make a few people wonder if they swing the wrong way.

Anyway, he pointed out I should stop asking about the next version when I don't even have the newest one he'd released! (Which incidentally would be called Superhero D because Cron has an allergy to trademark lawyers and I just have a vivid imagination that lets me pretend I'm Wolverine whilst wearing the thing.) And he was right, I didn't. I'd looked in the store and to be blunt I'm way too cheap to pay almost 400L for an outfit I couldn't really see as being any different to the last one.

Original Wolverine Crouch2011 Wolverine Crouch

I may now be eating humble pie. There are differences. And good differences at that - the 2011 version is better. I don't know the exact changes but my eyes told me about the new gloves first - it's a strange item to spot but they are really that much better. The collar was the next thing I spotted, a smaller change it's true but nice. Then the bulge. Cron loves his bulges and 2011 sees a new bulgier bulge. More than size though, the shape and fit is just... better. And finally the boots were the other big upgrade, and I have to say possibly the best of the tweaks; they're a little less cumbersone in my eyes which is big for such a sprightly super.

Original Wolverine Kablam

Except those are changes to the outfit, there is more. In 2011 you get a cigar, which may not be a really big feature it's true, but it's possibly a little too much fun seeing it puff a little smoke. You also get a shape! As someone who doesn't have an especially bulky body the shape filled out the suit nicely for me. And you also get hair! As someone who walks around with a shaved head this seemed handy, but in truth the hair is the big weakness of this outfit - it's too small. I'not a fan of adjusting hair anyway, but getting the hair and shape together I just expect them to fit. It takes some fiddling to get the hair to fit properly, and Wolverine never exactly had great hair did he? If you're going all out and wearing everything you're going to have work to do. Personally I go "Eeep!" - it's even a bit small for my normal shape, and I am very lazy so...

2011 Wolverine Kablam

It was interesting comparing the old and new directly though. I'd seen the vendors and not been convinced, but when you put them side by side you can see the subtle differences, and they do add up to quite a difference. Of course it still comes down to how you use this stuff. I think Okey is a great source of costumes, and if you want to wear one often the upgrade is probably easily worth it. As a casual wearer it's trickier, and certainly knowing that another update to this particular outfit is due I'd probably wait it out if I'm completely honest. It's nice to see a vendor giving their range a little refresh, especially in the costume field. It's very easy to make something like this and forget about it, and then we all wander around looking dated. if you have the original you don't really need this update, but if you wear it often enough you may well want the tweaks and enhancements.

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