Saturday, June 11, 2011

Clowning Around

Some people seem to think I'm the clown of this blog. I prefer to think of myself as sophisticated and witty, but they're probably right. There are times I'm as subtle as a custard pie in the eye (and it's rhymes like that which make me so classy). So when Urban Republic Co. decided to celebrate their first anniversary with outfits for clowns and... clownettes (go with it) who better than me to slap on the make-up and big floppy shoes?

It was then pointed out that the gift outfits just have clowns on them, I wouldn't
actually be dressed like a clown. And after telling me to take my own clown outfit off and giving me the gifts it was suggested I should wear the male outfit instead of the female one. Which was a simple mistake anyone could've made. Seriously. But we got there eventually.

Not A Clown

There ya go. Me. Not a clown. Or a clownette (it'll catch on, trust me). But I am wearing quite a nice open shirt and jeans from Urban Republic, who always have a big collection of prizes for group members too. But no clown costumes so ya know, pros and cons.

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