Friday, November 4, 2011

#4 Surrealism

I'm back after 1 1/2 weeks involuntary break from SL and must say that the corporate wall of what Linden Lab has become has put a real damper on my enthusiasm. Still, the intense colours are the same and so is the pixel magic so I will soon be back into my addicted self ^^

A few days late, to say the least, but it's time for the next instalment of the ten week challenge of Finesmith's from last year. The theme for week four is Surrealism, the art movement with it's roots in the 1920s and which was all about letting unconscious material flow and be given shape in various media. 

Surrealism 1

Usually surrealistic art is simply teasingly weird and strangely alien, distant and potentially dangerous. This is perfectly understandable considering the obsession with the material world and human reason that has come to dominate the western world since the Age of Reason. Freud's writings hasn't helped... the unconscious is where the wild things are, the source of all our sexual perversions and sad lives but nothing more.

However, Freud simply scratched the surface, if that. Jung continued the exploration and dived deeper and found a profoundly ordered world of magic and divinity that whispers to us in dreams and fantasies in a language that's common for all of mankind. When it is expressed destructively, we have our life and schooling to thank, both coloured and broken lenses trough which we see a distorted world.

Surrealism 2

It must be obvious that I see the energies that surrealists work with as a life source and that this is reflected in my choice of outfit.

I've chosen an old Finesmith group gift as the point of origin, the Joy necklace suggesting the basic life force. I've tried to collect symbols from the language of our collective consciousness on three different levels of being - plant, animal, human. Most of the stuff will probably make perfect 'sense'.

Surrealism 3

The fish scale 'pants' is really a free silver mer-tail from Lost in Starnight on the market place. The darkening towards the feet which was paired with the black sans heel Carmen boots from sYs. The combination brings my thoughts to grey horses, the most treasured colour in my cultural tradition as well as my personal favourite.  The FallnLuxuriaSuit coat from FallnAngel refers to the hermaphrodite of the alchemists, the result of the 'chymical wedding' or the union of male and female in all of us which the gold making process really was/is all about. 

The mask is so old I won't even bother try to research it's creator and the HSO 388 hair comes from BooN. The combination of black and white as well as the hidden or only hinted is most fortunate.

My weird shape makes mesh clothing a no go, but I found something mesh I can wear - the violin! Mikki Miles produces excellent working instruments and especially their range of medieval instruments is admirable. 

To get in the right mood for these pics... Next time you think swedes are cold and un-feeling, remember this tune:

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