Monday, March 19, 2012

The Fresh Unknown Hunt

Ok, ok, ok, ok.... I'm SO out of my depth... but I really, really, REALLY want to tell you about this.

I hold the support of new content creators in SL very close to my heart, so when a hunt like The Fresh Unknown Hunt (TFUH) comes up that only features new stores, they are a must for me... When I don't miss them that is... I'm just realising I've missed one or two... ^^

Anyway, The Unknown Hunts takes the hunter to stores that's been up and running just for a few months. All the ones included in this one opened after 1st November 2011. That's newness squared!

New Hunt 1

The original list consisted of 36 stores minus a few that have dropped out. That's why I won't say where each of the items comes from... the hunt is small enough to finish in a day or two and I hope more peeps than me are interested in supporting new talent and visit them ALL. It's worth it.

New Hunt 2

Everything except the plant beside the couch comes form the hunt, even the poses. There is a bias towards women, as always and as you can see, but guys aren't completely neglected.

As far as I know, the hunt is on through March and hints and the list of participating stores can be found here => X. The hunt items are 1L each, a cost I don't mind the least in a hunt with this purpose :)

Happy hunting, as they say!

On my part, I'll go in search for some decent wall paper for stuff like this...

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