Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Burst of Sunlight

The MeansWear Fashion Week (MWFW) is in full swing. Designers presenting their spring collections with daily shows and parties galore fills the air with the sense of festivity like scents from spring blossom.

As with this season, it would seem that one of my pet peeves can safely be discarded... YAY!... just to be replaced by another... NAY!... Well, life is no fun unless you can gripe about something. *Pets hir little menagerie of peeves with great fondness*

The good news is that skirts for guys have made it onto the SL fashion scene with something of a bang... or at least with a little poof XD The bad news... bad new for me that is... is that they're all mesh and thus beyond my shape. But at least the skirts have arrived and even if I can't wear 'em, they look goooooood! The same is unfortunately true with a lot of the freshness, as in all the bright clean colours that makes some collections sparkle. Again the 'unfortunately' only from a strictly personal perspective of course. Hehe, I'm not complaining REALLY, saves me a LOT of lindens that does... until those deformers arrive.

A Burst of Sunlight 1

However, I refuse to go miserable until mesh catches up with my vanity. System layers and prims offers an edge which still eludes mesh as well as the 'traditional' colour and glam. While male fashion is still dominated by subdued colour schemes, I found some real sparkly treasure in amongst the spring has sprung that made the woes above irrelevant. 

Todays colours are red and gold...

Faster PussyCat is no stranger to male glam, as in the new COEUR Urban Pirate Jacket (MWFW stall) above with a gleaming red and gold shirt underneath. It has been joined by Egoisme  that has entered the andro scene with their latest releases. The Golden Solitude Pants is part of their new elite group gift (pret-a-porter store, joining fee applies but membership also gives substantial rebate on other purchases).

Literally topped off with the awe inspiring rigged mesh dreads, BMB103,  from BooN

A Burst of Sunlight 2

The Golden Solitude Tank, also from the Egoisme group gift, makes a marvellous starting point for an outfit in its own right. Lacy tanks of different colours is one of the corner stones in the new collection so stay tuned. 

Faster PussyCat again provided the jacket, the Velvet Elvis "Rising Sun"Biker Jacket, which part of their Neo-Geisha collection. Even the glitch jacket is mod so this beaut can be made to fit anyone, insert reasonable disclaimer here .....  The Acellini II pants, very simple but colourful, were picked up at RFyre's stall at MWFW.

Pose in top pic is from Momomuller, bottom Del May. Accessories comes from all over the place and raked up from the depths of my inventory.

The reconstruction of the chinese terracotta warriors provided the setting for the photos. Any perceived visual puns are fully intentional. Not simply is this an awesome spell binding build but it's also a rather sobering experience as it is a monument to one man's 'lower vibrational frequencies'... just about the only things this guy took with him when he finally died.

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