Sunday, March 11, 2012


Weekend, time to kick loose and relax a little. My partner is away for the weekend so I'm left to my own devises. Not to fear, though... I found another dance partner. She was a bit on the thin side and didn't speak much, but the evening was amicable enough.

Maybe she was schtumm with my gear. You see, I've found the perfect andro solution for formal wear *nods nods* I found a little giftie at G&T Creations on my way home from work as they say.

Interlude 1

Ok, so the tux is supposed to be for men and the dress for ladies... or is it the other way around? Anyway, I liked the idea of a jacket together with a close fit long skirt. Here I needed to use the glitch system skirt, however, which might be a bit unfair of me. You can get an idea of the big prim skirt by looking at the texture of the big bow.

Interlude 2

The Darling Ms. Betty face can be found at Ms Shippe's Studio and is a good natured laugh. Vanity Hair's 60 Linden Weekend offer dropped into my inbox JUST as I was contemplating my hair. The Babette with its 'hair boa' is simply perfect.

The pose is my own and my sweet dance partner is a modded version of one of those little usefull things you stumble across on the marketplace, Wearable Skeletons by Creative Prims (95L). 

Photo location is Rebeca Bashly's contribution to Invisible Cities, Lea15.

And the music that inspired me (the best sound version I could find):

PS. I need to inform you that some of my posts will contain material from the sims where I work now. This is a bit of a moral dilemma to be resolved. I'm not interested in selling out so I'll be upfront and hold back on false superlatives. I trust you're smart enough to judge for yourself if something is worthwhile or if I'm talking crap. 

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