Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Untitled #2

Luxury, luxury, LUXURY! I'm still trying, however ineffectively, to sort out my inventory. Here's another look with stuff that might not be amongst the newest on the grid anymore. It's probably well known as well but, if not, they deserve some attention.

Untitled #2 2

I have been a bit slow in discovering LeLutka outside the hair department, but better late than ever as they say. It has been a great experience. The textures are like rich water colours on quality paper with that distinct wonderful feel of the handmade. Scrumptious.

The discovery of the Irinushka Bolero, brought out some other favourites of mine. I've blogged Gizza's male Rococo Shirt before and to some extent this is a repeated look. This furry little bolero, not much more than sleeves, recreates it completely, however. 

Untitled #2 1

The Velvet Elvis Paisly Pants (just had to type it all out) from Faster Pussycat slips right in as well. Hair  from BooN, GGL309

The result is very romantic and old-worldly aristocratic, just the thing to use as cover to explore Venexia. It's a stunning build reflecting the idea of Venice in a way I doubt the real thing can offer. 

Venexia is a role play community, but visitors are very welcome. A three day 'visitor pass' can be collected which permits tp to the surface in an out of character role. It's well worth the visit but be respectful, dress to melt into the scenery and don't interfere in any rp. Also, I advice to leave before sunset. *Wipes the blood still running down my neck* The mosquitoes are dreadful.

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Cully Barbosa said...

Always enjoy your posts! You are a great stylist.