Saturday, March 17, 2012

Persuasive Colour

Hiya, a little quickie about goodies, but then... hey!... I only do goodies, no? *dives behind the sofa* I suppose that ALB Dreamfashion group 'monthly' dollarbies have become a staple for me. They most often includes something real yummy and it's always a big excitement when the call comes: 'New gift out! Come and get it!' Then of course there's the polite wait a few hours to not appear TOO eager *face palms* Then, of course, it's show and tell time...

There are gifts for both men and women, but whatever the gender, they are usually like candy, rich and sweet. This group is one of the most generous ones I'm a member of... and no, AnaLee Balut hasn't paid me to say this, promise. I'm just a genuine passionate fan *grins*

StarScreamer 1

I blogged the latest gift (dollarbie) for men here => X, which is still available. This time it's the ladies turn. I'm just wearing a few items from it and the words of the month is mesh and mix and match! It's a collaboration between Ana and her daughter, ShuShu, who's real busy learning mesh. Beside a colourful sunny shorts and top set, there's a mesh short dress, the jacket above and the boots... Oh, don't forget the boa. I THINK that's about covers it. They don't claim the results are perfect, but with the textures... yum yum! There's plenty of different sizes for the mesh items, there're sizes that fits even me. 

As you can se, I've rather limited myself above... but this is my 'andro choice' even if I wished I had bigger boobs so I could wear the dress. The jacket is wonderfully 'unisex' and the textures of the boots were just too much... I HAD to wear them... even if the fine heels does give the visual impression of struggling with my mass. 

More good news... Ana has put out all her yummy leather pants from the last advent calendar I blogged about during the holidays. They're on sale separately and very decently priced. Those with the cutouts as well... For the ones who don't know what I'm babbling about, you can see these scrumptiosnesseshere => X.

Photos taken on a visit to Spirit, show casing the rather 'unusual' natural history of Claudia222 Jewell on Art Screamer. Poses by Davinel and Momomuller. The long leather and bead necklace, Pocahontas, comes from Chop Zuey.

StarScreamer 2

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