Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Sea Hole Lightning Wish

Sea Hole Lightning

In some parts of the world it is starting to warm up and spring is just around the corner, along with the confused temperature it makes for some hellacious storms. One such storm came across our dear Drinkenstein Sorbet down at The Sea Hole. I am not sure of all the details but I know that her minivan will never be the same. So to take the attention from that she is having a $50L lightning sale. Until March 6th, there will be one item from each set in her shop set at $50L. Each one will be marked with funny little marker that looks like minivan getting struck with lighting. As well as a gift out in the shop. This Savage Garden Dress in plumb was just too sweet to pass up for $50L. I will blow this dandelion and make a wish for Drinkenstein to get back to normal asap.

Sea Hole Lightning

Speaking of wishes, I LOVE This adorable Three Wishes necklace by Miao. It is tiny but the details are astounding. A simple chain with a tiny jar that holds 3 tiny dandelion seeds aka wishes. It also has color change metal so it will be sure to go with anything you want to wear it with.You have til midnight March 4th to get this at a special price at the current round of Disco Deals. So if you want this you will want to get down there and snap it up now. There is also a demo available.

Sea Hole Lightning

The Savage Garden Dress has this version in plum as the $50L item for this set. I really like the neckline details. Low scoop neck that has lacy peek-a-boo details in the front, cutting down low but not too low in the back and has the great tie on the belt. It is great dressed up for a more classic or vintage look, however it is very sweet and also lends itself just as easily to more casual looks as well. All kinds of good stuff in every range of style at The Sea Hole so run down there before it is over get your $50L shop on!!

See you at The Hole!!

Hair: Elikatira
Skin: Mother Goose's  $1L
Glasses: Miel
Dress: The Sea Hole
Bracelet: Icing
Necklace: Miao
Shoes: Robin (Sojourner) Wood's AV Store

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