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Doh! The life and tribulations of a shopaholic! Heee... wanted to sort my inventory out a little, it has grown with a worrying exponential trend lately. To avoid filling it even more, I thought of an outfit with what I've already got. You know the idea and you know what happens. You wake up some time later with some few thousand lindens less and a fresh pile of stuff to unpack. Of course that item needs that, which would go perfect with... now, where did I see it? *face palms*

Anyway, it's all in my inventory now, so in THEORY I didn't stray. 

A short time ago, Faster Pussycat released their Neo-Geisha collection, a rather wild heap of clean cuts and fresh colours... with some extrapolation thrown in for good measure. 

Untitled 1

The Geisha Glitter Bodysuits evokes a bit of a 'need' response for sure. The texture ranges across a spectrum that are quite intoxicating. This red one has colour details ranging from yellow to blue, evoking the glittery reflections of a busy city street at night. The lack of outright fem chest shading gives it a tick in the andro potential box.

I matched it with the sort of new release from Vanity. The Potion updo is fem, of course, but I can see a visual association with the flair of renaissance male berets. Most definitely a tick in the andro box IF you're ever in need of an updo.  

OK, so both these are fem... the tulle around the neck is, however, NOT *sticks hir tongue out* It's from one of the older collections from CheerNo, Deuil - Mortifera and totally male. Looks a bomb, but unfortunately it's a bit script heavy without a kill option, which makes it a bit of an indulgence. Still, a HEAVY tick in the andro box.

Untitled 2

If you suffer from any form of foot wear fetish, you rapidly start to recognise the sculpties used and in most cases shopping becomes an assessment of the personal twists of the designers using them. I don't mind the least, but my attention goes red alert when something different turns up. 

Like these new release Vogue ankle boots from sYs. Solid but still with some elegant line work. It's mainly the platforms that give them their height, the foot sits quite comfortable in them. Very different indeed. Comes in a range of colours and with or without spikes. I recommend you check them out. The skin tone in the cut outs is easily customised with an easy to use hud. 

The massive ring comes from the Bleeding Mars set, Chop Zuey. The stone texture is animated, a valid alternative to the plastic look that so easily happens with large 'precious stones'. It glitters away and actually manages to capture some of the fiery nature of a cut gemstone. 

Pants are my old favourites from Niven, Monocrome II - Yaza Pant.

Untitled 3

I was a bit concerned about the predominance of fem stuff in the outfit and in my pursuit of finding suitable MALE poofy pants, I came across Gizza's outlet. I kept my fem Niven pants on and, there you go, another outfit happened instead... featuring another pair of fem poofy pants :P

The Shalvar outfit comes in that vivid silvery grey I can't resist. Matching soft mesh Suede Boots are the latest group gift from COCO. I'm real happy to say that for once, a mesh item fitted me... or rather... I fitted a mesh item. They are beautifully sculpted with mouth watering textures (What else? It's COCO). Two different colours are included as well as rigged and... un-rigged (sic?) versions. True MUST haves and you can't beat the price.

Untitled 4

I also picked up the scarf from the outlet. Hair is a new release form Maitreya, Nadja. Bracelet is an old group gift, or something, from Miel.

Photo locations are Markus Inkpen and Romy Nayar - Leona Khia - Ux Hax's installations at Invisible Cities on LEA15. It's great that LL advertises these places on the log in screen. However, they do tend to attract a certain 'clientele', I've discovered. Glammed up with frills and wotnots even I get my IMs filled with those legendary 'Hi'.  What a grim pleasure it is to be able to reply 'sorry mate, not a woman'

There're you have it... 'til next time, take care and have fun.

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