Saturday, March 24, 2012

Untitled #3... or Donkey vs. Human

Some time ago I was talking about the donkey tour and associated gifts that was put out for the re-opening of ALB Dreamfashion, Lamu Island, in the very beginning of this month. (They are still out btw.) While prattling away I had a glimpse into the folders and saw donkeys of all things. I did mention those in the chat and added '... if one would ever be in need of one'. A friend replied 'well, you'll never know'.

And would you know?


It seemed a good accessory to some riding inspired gear as they are not very high to climb up on, half pint sized as they are.


Truth to be had, however, donkeys have an un-deserved low social standing. A 'poorer' cousin to the noble horse, the lives of whole families may rest on their scrawny backs in the 'developing world'. Over worked and too often underfed, sick and maltreated, they deserve to be celebrated and not ridiculed. Often  the poor things are lifted high in the air when an overloaded and unbalanced cart tips backwards. The last statement is true, even the 'often'.


Anyway, back to clothes... During the last WomanStuff Hunt I, like everyone else judging from the blogs, picked up the hunt gift at GizzA which was an exclusive colour of the Fluffy Dress. This particular colour might not be available anymore but five other colours are, even if not for free. I love the cut of the top and collar. It goes as well with high waist pants as with the belonging skirt prim.


Together with the Minnutary Pants from LeLutka and the unique Mon Tissu's Provence Riding Boots I got this retro inspired outfit which I keep changing back into. The boots comes in small fem size. They are fully mod but are challenging if you want/need to change the proportions. The belt is part of the dress top.

Three top poses are my own, the bottom one is my AO. Photos were taken among the local donkeys in the town of Lamu Island.


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bibliobibuli said...

Very nice photos! You look like you had fun taking them.

Loquacia Loon