Monday, March 5, 2012

Love DOES grow on trees

Now when Valentine's Day is well out of the way, I feel free to talk about love. Valentine always upsets me for some reason. Every day is a celebration of love, shouldn't need especially allocated ones.

Love Grow on Trees 1

After all, love is the only emotion that really exists. They say all emotions are rooted in either love or fear. Fear has the same relationship to love as darkness has to light. Since darkness is nothing but the absence of light, fear is nothing but the absence of love. Logical conclusion, love is all there is. *nods nods* 

Love Grows on Trees2

This wasn't really what I wanted to blog about, really... but when faced with Love doesn't grow on trees, you sort of can't help yourself. I don't have a clue how profound Yula Finesmith wanted to be when she gave her striking organic set this name, but I enjoy it twice over because it makes me think. 

I hope you notice the face ornaments. They in particular creates the feeling of these pieces not being worn but actually being one with you. There's a feeling of pure life force in them.

Love Grows on Trees 3

I guess you could say I find these pieces inspiring *grins*

Love Grows on Trees 4

Maybe it's something new being added to our drinking water, but I have this definite feeling of an imminent change and I personally can't wait to see what it is. Maybe it's love *smiles*

Other stuff:

Horns: Aries Horns, Illusions (colour change)
Hair: Lotta, special colours for LVE, Discord Designs... I love love LOVE 'em!
Eyes: Satyr eyes (Ice), By Snow. Bought on Marketplace.
Makeup: Eyeliner from closed store over Bodycross Makeup, Nuuna, special for the past 4.44.444 event, no longer available. I'm getting old!
Thing: Sockers ringed, Jungle Wear. Purchased on Marketplace.
Nails: Unisex short nails, Mandala (hud with shape and many colour options)
Satyr legs: Old hunt gift, Gilded. A couple of colours available in the store.

Props and poses my own. Photos from Primtific Island

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