Friday, March 9, 2012

Special Special !!


I have been eyeballing these special edition Didi pumps by Mstyle for a while. These decadent hot pink and black peep toe pumps with studs are currently being offered for half price when you get the code from Mstyle's Facebook page. I like that you only have to tint the toes and it makes skin matching a snap.

When I got these pumps I immediately thought of this sexy limited edition Chastity lingerie set from BlackLace. This special hot pink and black version was made for a round of the TOSL . I love the details on this set the sweet prim lace and bows, it also comes with other options (not shown), like stockings and a skirt you can wear with it as a dress. Unfortunately this color set is no longer available however you can still get the set in a few other colors.


Wrapping up this look is the March Group gift skin from Filthy, sexy WMO003 hair from Boon and  La muerte psicodelica Nails by Scrub. now available at Stuff in Stock!!

Enjoy these goodies and see you around the grid

Pic 1 DeePosed  
Pic 2 Bent!
Prop w/ last pose: LostAngel Summer Ottoman  multipose

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