Saturday, December 3, 2011

#9 'Contemporary'.. or 'Farewell my love'

It's week nine of my personal take on the 10 week challenge Finesmith Jewellery had one year ago. The theme is 'Contemporary'... which is great because that could mean just about anything.

For me, living in the post-post-modern, everything is kosher as long as you're conscious of the narrative to which whatever belongs. There's no more any real 'high' or 'low', all is on the same level. It's just the  implicit meaning and conscious or unconscious choice that remains.

Contemporary 1

So... here is my little story. I found it while doing my research for my last post on the Meta Body Project on Delicatessen. Finders keepers as they say. *nods nods*

The focus point for my outfit for this challenge is Finemith's Lorena shawl. It's natural looking without a hint of being contrived and is one of my absolute favourites of hers. The organic feel about it is what makes it 'contemporary' for me, the new getting back into touch with life. Pure goodness and good for digestion. Plenty of fibre :P

Contemporary 2

I enjoy how 'ethnic' material and ideas are gaining increased popularity in the 'west' and how the internet helps designers in the developing world to reach out. Inworld, I lap this meme up in whatever dose I can get it. It reminds me of the handmade and I like such things. The human contact, something rare and precious with today's mass production.

Contemporary 5

The whole look is obviously inspired by ethnic material. I can't imagine any greater riches than a patchwork of material from all over the world... just imagine the colours... the textures... the histories and traditions captured in a single garment. 

The stuff:

Hair: Ouzy from LoQ, one of two fatpacks that's the present subscriber gift

Jewellery: Lorena Shawl and Nola Bracelets from Finemith

Belt: Harem Sash by Ladies Who Lunch

Pants: Boho Pants from ALB Dream Fashion (former group gift)

Boots: Engineer Boots from COCO

Finally, some music to set the story telling going:

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