Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Hope the holiday is bringing peace and hope to you all... or relief for the seasonal indigestion at least... or comfort to those for whom Christmas isn't the glitzy silly season we're being sold left right and centre... or divine patience to those for whom Christmas doesn't mean a thing. Poouu! Christmas is complex when you start to think about it!

May the new year see the protests and awakening that's sweeping the planet come to fruition so we can get on with building a fair world for everyone.


I've spent a few days in front of a lucky chair trying to win certain goodies while busy in FL (as if you would need an excuse :P ). The store is Davinel and the chair in question randomly switches between seven different items (a mix for both genders, change every 10 minutes, no wild cards). There's a MM board as well that changes gift on a daily basis and well worth keeping an eye on.

It wasn't hard work to be patient. I love this build - a post-apocalyptic derelict cathedral in grey and rose which is part of a small tableaux up in the sky. It's worth a visit in it's own right. 


Then there's the clothes, of course. I hungered after three of the prizes because they make up a complete un-gendered outfit (if barefoot). Add some site-inspired wings and bobs your uncle as they say. I did win two of the items, doubles even... plus a pile of other things. My chances of winning were down to 0.5% for the last item, that's the point where my wallet came out.

Outfit consists of: Ferocious Sadness coat, Second Skin Half Dirty pants and Unconditional Crawler leg bands (seriously modded to fit left thigh). 

Poses are from Davinel as well (20L, found upstairs somewhere while exploring).


The red 'woodland' is only one of several stone/bead options of the Triple Strand necklace that's in the sale at RookHold for 75L a pop - round and friendly to go with that innocent face of mine XD

Below a somewhat photoshopped image to show you what the place looks like through my eyes. Pardon the obvious mistakes.

A big sloppy christmas angel kiss to you all. Have fun!


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