Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dreaming of White Christmas and Peace on Earth

Merry Christmas, possumsss....!

It is a little bit odd, to say the least, to approach Christmas time in Australia. Dreaming about white christmas here is as close you'll get to one for sure. I mean, we have summer with cherries and mangoes in season... and flies... Forget the roo, flies are the true icons of Oz. If you think 'aussie wave' refers to surfing, think again XD 

White Christmas 1

So what more australiana but some Dame Edna personification to boot? Seriously, the silly season is in full bloom here too. *nods nods* There's nothing silly about the dress, however, or anything else in the photo above... with the possible exception of myself. I'm only wearing the pieces that turns the outfit into dress pants. The full dress is more.

ALB Dream Fashion and other creators now active on the sim, have a fantastic calendar on the go with something worthwhile behind each little door. Even the the wraps/boxes/thingies are keepers, consisting as they do of these little german wooden christmas figurines. Just over one week in, these little cuties has delivered a sweet mix of clothes, jewellery and decorations with a touching generosity. There's stuff for guys too, just so you know.

White Christmas 2

ALB Dream Fashion is also taking part of the Peace On Earth Hunt with a gift catering for both genders. I'm wearing one of the male options above. Yay! A new colour of her sarouel pants I'm so fond of and which keep turning up in my posts. Here in a dark rich red/brown version worn with a bright jacket with extravagant sleeves.

The necklace by FabCat and the rust unisex Parade The Snow Boots by ShuShu are calendar gifts... as is the big version of the snow dome I'm prancing about in.  Just to be fair to any other involved creator who's gifts are still wrapped, here's the limo to the little market place... or maybe, more in style with the sim, the bejewelled elephant all dressed in brocade.

To finish off... some obligatory aussie high culture. Take care and have fun.

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