Friday, December 2, 2011

What am I today? *Checks the mirror*

Sometimes my relationship with my av needs a reality check. I mean a real reality check... as when I consider I've been changing outfits where I used to change species. Avatars are after all metaphors. Just like the land they stroll through they are the result of choices where every detail is laden with meaning. Sometimes we're not aware of those choices or sometimes they are made by others for us.

Fancy 1

Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu explored these thoughts in the crossworld  Meta Body Project during October. Gifting a rich and varied range of arty and quirky avatars, they invited us to explore ourselves and share the results of our visual musings with them.

Fancy 2

That part of the project might be in the past now, bottom line was the 20th October... but the work still lingers and the results can be enjoyed in FlickR. Action creates re-action and somehow and personally I can't believe the artists has said their last word on this subject yet. Avatars are simply too interesting in their every pixel for any last words.

The FL show the work took part in on the invitation of Austrian Association of Women Artists (VBKÖ) can be enjoyed here in FlickR and is blogged here.

Fancy 3


Ok... ok... ok... something's put me in philosophical mood today. *Hides in the tall grass and waits for this inflicted moment to pass*

The avatars, while you're waiting, can be found above the artists' sim Delicatessen => X. The sim at sea level is mighty interesting as well. I am, however, on Immersiva, the always changing lair of Bryn Oh. 

Fancy 4

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nice pics and I love Bryn Oh's art... everyone should go to this place at least on in their sl