Friday, December 16, 2011

Wild, even if not woolly

I seems to be into something of a animal skin themed coat run here... This is the latest that's crossed my path. I stumbled upon this one on during my ramblings and it's such fun I just have to share.

Zebra Coat 1

The Zebra Tuxedo from Siryelle's Dreams is actually part of a whole fem outfit complete with red pants, shirt/vest plus heels. A must have for me. Push it towards the male and it becomes glam big time. I love the frill around the neck and the bold red under coat reaching well below the zebra texture. 

Zebra Coat 2

The rest of the clothes are from A:S:S. Pants are the gift in the Menstuff Hunt and therefor free. Comes with a pretty cool makeup. The leather corset I've featured before as well and the boots... well, you can't really see them so they can be ignored... but they are from there as well.

Dread updo is from the constant source of fun hairs, BooN

Drama for drama for sure ^^