Monday, December 12, 2011

Precious as...

It's pretty amazing that fur in SL seem to need the same luxuary treatment as in FL. There's something about the texture, soft and precious even in pixel land, that asks for special attention... or maybe it's the subtle textures of this one that does things to me.

DreamFashion 1

AnaLee Balut of ALB Dream Fashion has an unusual knack with textures... always rich and varied but never garish. This Antiguo Coat of hers is no different, soft subtle natural greys and silvers blends with some as gentle browns and golds until your finger tips itch with the imagined feel of it.

The lower part uses a combination of system skirt and prims attached to upper legs and hips, creating a garment that moves with you but which still can be lined with fur along the bottom hem. Do I like it? This is my fur coat for this season for sure, I love it... really do, no sales talk.

DreamFashion 2

Such a coat needs the right stuff to go with it. These quirky red crocodile skin Merle ankle boots comes from ALB Dream Fashion as well. The high waisted jeans from the New Hope outfit by Envious (market place) picks up the colours of the coat in a very delicate way (see what this coat does to me?). I found them, of course, in my inventory after only a few hours running between stores failing to find something else. Quite fast for me.

Red Nif Nif gloves by LeeZu, crimson neck tie by DCNY (market place).

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