Monday, December 19, 2011

Men and Angels - Discuss

Okey... so I'm working on this rather important report in FL that's sort of just due now... hehe... or rather WAS due in past tense. What better way to cool the nerves but to plant oneself in front of a lucky chair or two to keep the pixel-self happy? See? Busy!

It has, in fact, resulted in a staring contest between my wallet and Lady Luck...  At what point does one give in and simply goes an buy the object of one's desires? The result will be next post.... together with some improbable probability calculations to prove me right in being stubborn or excuse me for giving up. Which one is, of course, dependent which one I need to feed my ego.

But even late reports require breaks so why not a little reminder of that there's just one week left on the big Menstuff Hunt that finishes the 25th this month. 

MenStuff Hunt 1

Somewhere around exactly more or less 150 stores participates. As the name suggests, 'Menstuff', it's stuff for men... but hey!... when has that ever stopped the ladies? (Come on guys... Occupy Evening Gowns!) 

The stuff is good quality. Might be mainly solid, everyday things... but the mix is fab.

MenStuff Hunt 2

This is some of the stuff I've found this far. SLURLS and hints can be found on the Menstuff web site.

Black outfit above:

Make up: #147 A:S:S
Necklace: #65 Dark Water Designs
Shirt: #89 PEER
Pants: #13 Legal Insanity
Chucks: #45 CODED

MenStuff Hunt 3

Light outfit:

Sunglasses: #12 SB Menswear
Scarf: #67 22769
Cardigan: #12 SB Menswear (Doohh... messed up on this one, two items from the same place)
Gloves: #11 MOHNA LISA
Jeans: #40 Connors
Boots: #55 7Style

About the men and angels? At least I have proven they CAN be mentioned in the same sentence. For the rest... you tell me ;P

*Looks at the calculated probability, shakes hir head and stomps off to the vendor.*

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