Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winter Warmers

BUKKA has made it again... offering up some real beauts for nothing more than some luck. They've generously put two colour variations of a very well made coat are on offer in lucky board/chair. Only problem is that strange reversed probability... where does your letter go as soon as you park yourself in front of a lucky item?

Winter Warmer 1

The red coat is part of a christmas outfit containing, santa hat, scarf and leg warmers, all mod and   available on lucky board in satellite BUKKA's stall... on a snow covered tropical beach XD 

The loose christmas Lazy Boots are a MM prize from Death Row Designs a short while ago. Unfortunately, these boots are gone, but two other pairs (one unisex) has taken their place instead. Worth checking out. Needed group membership is free and you can join on the spot. Ohhps.... I can see mine on sale down stairs (80L) with the option of red/green socks.

Tee and jeans are fundraisers for Japan from Legal Insanity. The loose Clara hair, makes me feel like a Boticelli painting, is one of the new releases (I think) from Truth.

Winter Warmer 2

This colour version of the same coat is from a lucky chair at BUKKA's mainstore. The two other chairs are still running the knitted 'poncho' and boots I blogged a month ago

The retro green norwegian Marius Knit Sweater comes from Artelleri. It's very close to traditional men's sweaters... the variation that became fashionable a couple of decades into the 20th century. Available in a range of solid colours.

Discord Designs has a 15L offer out atm, black dreads that's the result of experimenting with sculpted dreads. I apologise for not showing it better but I simply enjoyed this pose to much *yawns* Maybe next time *Turns over and goes back to sleep* Good night, all.

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