Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I might need a ride back


Hi! It's been like 10967835154367 days lol! I told Margaux that I was divorced with becuz it wouldn't let me post, but I wanted to come back and try it again.

Yesterday I was jumping around SL grabbing freebies and goodies there and over there:

Like my black cable knit sweater dress that is the currently Where is... hunt FREE gift at Sticky Fingers

I matched them with the new Kristica Nina boots, I really like they're rounded and the design, and they come in many colors. Thank you Kristic Furman!

Let's talk about my makeup, I went to Kosmetica and grabbed the Dollarbie by Doremi, it comes in two style but the same color.


Well enough from me! Take care!

1 comment:

Margaux said...

Glad to see you made up for just a few minutes anyway!! Love the post!!