Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Light in the Dark... Being a Thank You!

The sweet rich time of this season's advent calendars is over and for me it has been time to go through and sort all the gifts. Together with the little bit of hunting and the unavoidable extra shopping I've been doing, there's a few thousands items to explore. I thought I would dedicate this post to extend a big warm THANK YOU to all the creators who has worked so hard for this Christmas. THANK YOU for all the gifts and special offers you've put out across the grid.

Maybe the strange economy of SL might demand such things to stay in customers minds... but... it WORKS! From a consumer point of view it's not only about getting things for free. For me personally, it's more to explore, for me, new stores and catching up with old ones.... AND getting things for free! ;)

A gift is the best business card a store can distribute. The gift can be small, size doesn't matter the least. The quality of a freebie is sometimes the only clue a potential customer has about the craftmanship hidden behind an often photoshopped vendor image, so they are important. Generosity creates a wish to give something back, to show support by joining group and/or buying something/s in the store.

Yet again, to all creators, a big THANK YOU and all my wishes for a fruitful 2012 to all of you!

ALB Christmas 1

There is one content creator, however, who stands out for me. 

You all will know by now how fond I am of AnaLee Balut of ALB Dream Fashion's stuff but I don't know how many of you visited her calendar and fully enjoyed the rarity of her generosity. It is true I didn't visit many calendars so my sample size isn't too great, but still... By the time I'd unpacked the last, I was so touched I had tears in my eyes.

The ones of you who did go to ALB Dream Fashion on a daily basis, you'll recognise the carousel. It was assembled over three days. Cushions with relaxing poses, candles and champagne flutes in the centre and a surrounding ride ready to go around with a single click. A couple of the horses even have romantic couple poses. How sweet is that?

ALB Christmas 2

Everything you need for a romantic Christmas for two is found among the gifts, including a bath and a little house (to be honest, haven't rezzed tat one yet), complete with Christmas tree... under which were stunning outfits for both genders. I fell instantly in love with the male... black leather pants, frilly shirt and a rich red coat with marvellous black leather inclusions in the long 'skirt'. Boot are included as well. I'm wearing some others in the image above because my legs are simply to scrawny for certain sculpts. Not only is this outfit a keeper, but it's also already a favourite.  With this one it will be my dear lady's turn to dress to match me for sure...

... and immediately realises the more painful side of big FL holidays in SL... the absence of someone loved that's being kept busy by FL commitments. *Smiles and sits down on a comfy cushion* Well... that gives me time to find that matching round rug from wherever it's hiding in my inventory to give even more colour and warmth to the scene for when she comes back. 

ALB Christmas 3

All sadness pushed aside, there's simply too much beauty around to enjoy. I wish you all a Happy New Year!

To AnaLee Balut, THANK YOU for a most astonishing round of gifts for this Christmas. *Tips hir imaginary hat and bows deeply*

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