Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas continues

Santa's busy day has passed and with that also the hard work for his elves. One of them had time to take me on a private tour around the North Pole. He must have heard about my sloppy kisses, however, because he insisted of walking around with this spiky holly leaf between his lips.

Lame introduction? Yup. Bear with me, it's just an attack of good mood.

There's a lot to be in a good mood about now as we emerge on the other side of Christmas. Both big and small things, for sure. One of those... and notice how I skilfully avoid attaching any judgment of value to the event... is [sYs] Designs little inhouse christmas hunt that's still up. At least it was still up yesterday.


There're eight packets to find in an easy trail of hints and the stuff above is what you'll have when you've found them all. Poncho, pants and a pair of stomper boots (given in six bits). The quality is very high.

The gifts are free, but group membership is needed. This cost 50L but any of these bits are worth more than that. You pick up the first hint and gift in the big sign advertising the hunt by the group joiners and off you go. There's no having to spend ages looking for little obscure titles or items in a back corner... it's all inspired by the season and the many colourful decorations the store has been filled with.

Bashly 4

I didn't go to the North Pole... but almost. I spent my morning exploring the arctic installation by Rebeca Bashly on MetaLes. For a few more pics, follow the link to my FlickR account (click the image). Better still, visit the sim for some of your own ^^ 

The holly leaf comes from the calendar at Orage, the pose is a christmas present from Diesel Works.

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