Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rags to Riches

Hiya again... hope everyone survived New Year. The feeling every year of turning over a new leaf never ceases to amaze me. Today isn't really any different from yesterday, albeit forecasted to be slightly hotter, but it still feels like I opened my eyes to another world. Then of course, I had a LOT of 'help' from one of the cats to crawl out of bed far to early this morning... Maybe that's why I'm having this otherworldly feeling.

The otherworldliness resulted in a morning on Bladerunner City, a sim that doesn't cease to amaze me either. While there, I decided to 'shoot' a few outfits I've had fun putting together from a mix of free and bought stuff, with special focus on CheerNo.

Rags to Riches 1

I don't pay CheerNo enough attention, I've decided. They have a lot of fun fashion on the haute side, all querky and edgy. *Blinks* I'm talking on the male stuff... I actually don't know what the fem side of the store looks like. <== Disclaimer *face palms* Not afraid to push a few boundaries, CheerNo is like a chilled beer on an aussie summer's day.

The luxurious fur 'poncho' (and necklace and, yup, it's male stuff) from the Prince Experience outfit created the perfect calm balance to the more busy black Malik Pants (in newly released male Blackbeard pirate outfit) from ALB Dream Fashion and Rococo Shirt from Gizza. Gold stud Wrap Skinny Belt from COCO, Finesmith's H2O ring and ear rings and gold streaked Audrey Hair from Calico Ingmann completed my blissful sense of absolute richness.

Rags to Riches 2

None of the things above was free, BUT.... don't despair... CheerNo has a couple of great free gifts available as well. 

Rags to Riches 3

I found the Tricot Coat in the subscriber history which goes very well with the rust version of the Malik Pants from the ALB Dream Fashion calendar... have I mentioned that one before? :P Hopefully this gorgeous range of cut out pants will be fully available in her store in a near future.

Rags to Riches 4

The single piece if jewellery is the latest group gift from Earthstones, the necklace from the Aculo set. 

Rags to Riches 5

The CheerNo inworld group gift consists of this urban/utilitarian suit Ana - with a certain twist - a generous bow at the waist. It can be found in the very back of the boys section. I continued the theme with Loose Socks from Klamotte and golden Docs from Gos and felt perfectly at home on the dystopian streets.

Rags to Riches 6

Sculpted dreads, EDO998, from BooN and some different pieces of jewellery, Signs of the Time from N@N@.

Well, that's it from the first day of 2012... may it be a good one. Well.. it is up to us to make it so. World peace is after all just one collective decision away and we don't need politicians or banksters for that. War with Iran? NOT in my name!

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