Friday, November 18, 2011

Wish I Was There

As the northern hemisphere rapidly approach winter, we in the southern are plunging closer to the summer heat. We had a fright the other day with the promise of the first true heat spike of the season and suddenly I longed for the northern midwinter. Freezing and little daylight but with the snow glistening and heavy on the tree branches and crunching under your feet.

Or maybe I was trying some 'heat magic', trying to cool myself by preparing something for low temperatures and hope the created illusion I'm cool. That kind of magic works well for politicians... they cover the farce with serious talk and suddenly they take themselves very seriously.

Or... maybe I just wanted to show off some lucky chair prizes and the prattle above is my lame way of introducing them.

Wish I Was There

Whatever the reason, if you enjoy japanese designers and are open to their special style, these two (out of three) lucky chair prizes will make you happy. The ivory boots and the 'grey-brown stripe' poncho, even if it's a jacket, are both scrumptious lucky chair prices at BUKKA. The colours and textures are made with the same delicacy which you can expect from a japanese creator. If you like natural hues, this place is a must, the wool has such fine quality about it you can smell the lanolin.

The boots come with socks on/off options and the jacket has a HUD driven colour change for collar and fringes. The little bag is a joining gift from the sub group and another group gift is lurking in the kiosk history. Well worth a visit in other words.

Have a good weekend.

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