Saturday, May 22, 2010

Snowpaw Fashion, 22/23 May 60L sale

Bargain shopping at it's best from Snowpaw Fashion. Mix and match looks and styles with this lovely Scuff Mosaic outfit. It's made from a soft, shaded gray, velvety looking material with white, tan, yellow, and maroon mosaic design stitching. The top is a tank style with the straps going around your neck and the mosaic covering your breasts. The shorts have the mosaic design around the top and bottom and the panties and pants have a strip at the top. You will also find the mosaic design at the bottom of the skirt and pant cuffs. The skirt is light and flowy as well as the flexi bodice attachment.

So you can wear this as a lingerie set, a short set, a pant set with boots, a pant set with heels and cuffs for the pants, or a skirt set. You can add the flexi bodice attachment to any of the styles you choose and add a bit of flirtiness and grace. Yesterday I wore the pants set for working all day, then did a quick change into the lovely skirt to meet friends for a drink to unwind. And when me and my guy went back to his place after, I had the perfect lingerie to tease him with and put him in the right frame of mine. *grins*

Rush over to Snowpaw Fashion this weekend and snatch up this whole set for just 60L. It's too good a deal to pass up!

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