Friday, May 7, 2010

Snowpaw Fashions, 60L sale, 8/9 May

Romeo never had it so good as seeing Juliette in this lovely dress from Snowpaw Fashions. This dress is done in Emerald green and has soft sexy lines with beautiful embroidered flowers and other designs on the top. The embroidery is done in multiple colors, allowing you to match lots of different accessories. The straps are thin and sexy, tying around the neck, and it even has ties in the center at your cleavage to give a hint of what's beneath. The layered skirt is flowy, made of light airy fabric that reaches just above your ankles to give you that soft, whimsical look. So be sure to wear this when you want to impress your own Romeo. Trust me when I say he won't be disappointed. *winks*

Now after you've taken his breath away with the "soft sexy you", it's time to make him stutter as you do a quick change to ready yourself for some "hot sexy you". That's right, this dress comes long and short, how cool is that? Show your two sides quickly and easily, with out having to worry about changing your whole outfit! Just look how easy it was for me to go from sweet and romantic to ready to party...

Pretty darn sweet if you ask me. And all this for just 60L, there's nothing better than getting two for one, but two for one at this price is amazing! So rush over this weekend and snap up this Embroidered Juliette Dress from Snowpaw Fashion, it's more than worth it!


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