Friday, May 7, 2010

Ear Candy, 60L sale, 8/9 May

Well they say April showers bring May flowers, and so does Ear Candy. *smiles* I just love this cool Spring Flower set Maeve is putting in the 60L sale this weekend. You get a necklace, earrings, sunglasses, and heels...what an amazing deal. You all know by now that I love Maeve's earrings because they are always gorgeous, but also large enough to be seen with my long hair, well these are no exception. Dangling from large gold chains you have large egg shaped hoops with rows of 6 pretty flowers done in gold and blue, each having a blue gem in the center.

The necklace is a gold rope style chain with the same egg hoop and flowers dangling as a pendent. Then you have the matching gold heels that are just perfect. The body of the shoes are gold and have black spike heels, there are three buckled straps going over the top of your foot and 6 flowers along the front/toe to match the jewelry.

The sunglasses are so SMOKING HOT, you may just buy the set for these alone! They are done in a cat like Starlet style, gold of course, with perfectly tinted lenses and you can't forget the flowers on the sides to match the rest of the set. One thing that makes this set so amazing is that you can wear it with out the sunglasses for a sweet, girl next door look...or just add the glasses and BAM, everyone will know just who they are dealing with...a super sexy diva that won't take crap from anyone. *grins widely*

That means you can go from sweetness to Divalicious in less than a second...Yup, I knew that would get your running over to Ear Candy. Hehe See you there!

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