Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vivaposes and Oceane's Boutique

New from Vivaposes... the Vanity prop Box. It contains 12 built in poses and for a limited time only300L. Then, it will be at it's regular price of 500L. So get on over there and pick this up and save 200L.

Skin, Lingerie and eyes from Oceane's boutique.

Skin : New from the glitter and glam collection .. version of her Shye Skin available in other shades of makeup as well. The one I am wearing is Pink Sugar.
Eyes : Cotton Candy liquid eyes (CURRENT GROUP GIFT)
Lingerie : 275L Apris Sexy Lingerie in pink

Group fee for Oceane's boutique is 100L but with any pay memebership, you do have perks. Oceane has always been very generous with her gifts.. thanks Oceane :)

vivaposes + oceane's boutique

vivaposes + oceane's boutique

Great detail on the desk with little girly things :)

vivaposes + oceane's boutique

And here is a better look at the skin and eyes. I love the glitter on the eye lid !

vivaposes + oceane's boutique


Anonymous said...

oceane has the best skins in sl now...imho :)

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