Friday, May 14, 2010

Snowpaw Fashion, 60L sale, 15/16 May

Pretty in pink? Nah, beautiful in pink is more like it with this lovely "Erica" gown from Snowpaw Fashion. In fact, fuchsia never looked so pretty. It almost has an Asian feel with the gold flowers against the solid, deep background material. The whole dress is form fitting, the top sculpted over your breasts as the material changes to become sheer with only one strap going over your left shoulder. Then you have the lovely sheer overlay for the skirt and the super sexy slit that goes all the way up your long silky legs to your hip.

I modeled this dress for my friend Erec and he had to swallow three times before he could even speak. *grins widely* Then he just said "Wow" three times as he looked me up and down. I could see his eyes roving over my leg as it peeked out from the satiny material, then move up as he stepped forward to run his finger over a flower just above my breast. (*whispers* I had to swallow a time or two myself not to react to his touch, but let's keep that between us, okay?) After he cleared his throat three times...yes I was starting to wonder if he had OCD *laughs*...he finally said, "You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." *swoons* Now isn't he just the sweetest man? I owe that amazing compliment to this amazing dress.

Definitely don't miss Snowpaw Fashion for the 60L sale this weekend. And be sure to look around at all of Carrie's other lovely creations.

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