Friday, May 14, 2010

Ear Candy, 60L sale, 15/16 May

OMG, I'm so excited by the 60L sale at Ear Candy this weekend. It's put me in such a fun, happy, and just all around good mood! Is this "Flower and Skully set" not just to die for?

I know!...I'm still wiggling in my seat....hehe This set is so cute and so much fun, all your friends will be jealous. You get a skully bangle and earrings, and a boho sash and wrist wrap with this set. The earrings are double silver hoops, large and small, with these very unique skull pendants hanging from them. The skulls are a pattern of greens and blues with adorable blue blossoms for eyes. The bangle is spun, wrapped, and twisted plaid of all colors with a matching skull pendant. The sash and wrist wrap are both made of the same plaid material with ties in the front that dangle at the ends. There are so many colors in this set, it will literally go with anything you own. I don't think I could even name all the colors for you...LOL

When I got this set I was so excited, I immediately took off my other accessories and threw these on to snap a pic for you all. *giggles* Now it's time for me to run around strutting my stuff, making everyone jealous. I already showed them to my friend Audi, she called me a "bish", her term for, well I'm sure you get the point...LOL She said she can't believe she has to wait till midnight to get them...hehe This one is for all you fun sexy ladies out there that love showing off the uniqueness that is you. I know I don't have to say it, but don't miss Ear Candy this weekend or you'll be sorry you did.

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