Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ear Candy, 22/23 May 60L sale

It's Casual Friday from Ear Candy, couldn't be more perfect. Not only do you get a necklace, earrings, and a bangle, but you get a belt and 3 pair of shoes also...Wow! The necklace is made of a thin strip of deep brown leather with two separate groupings of different shades of brown balls as a pendant. The earrings are silver loops with the same groupings of different shades of brown balls dangling, of course they are big and long enough to see with long hair. *grins* And the bangles are different sizes of the brown leather strips hugging your wrist with one of the ball pendants attached close to the hand.

The belt is made of the same deep brown leather, so soft and supple looking. It has great stitched detailing with very dark metal adornments. The buckle is a round ring make of the same metal with a hook clasp on the other end....casual but classy. With three colors of shoes to choose from, it's easy to match this set with LOTS of outfits. All are made of the same yummy leather with thick soles, the top part covering the shoes giving you contrast and style. You can choose from a lovely brocade style orange color, detailed snake skin in different shades of brown with black accents, or a medium tan color with lovely stitched reddish orange flowers.

This set is perfect to wear on casual work days or even to the park on a warm spring evening. Maeve has mixed class with casual perfectly with this set, so don't miss out. Head over to Ear Candy this weekend and grab the whole thing for just 60L.

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