Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ela Design has moved/free gift

Hey all you Ela Design fans! Elara asked me to tell you that her store has moved. It is a good move for the store and she is excited about it. See how great it looks? Click the store name for the slurl.

But she feels bad about moving and making you all get a new LM, so to compensate you, she is giving you all this great bangle and ring set free! Now how sweet is that? Just head over to Ela Design and pick up yours today.

Not an Ela fan yet? Boy are you missing out! Head over today to check out all the great accessories she sells. Her items are very well made and unique, you won't find a lot of them anywhere else in SL. And be sure to stop by her discount building right next door, 50% off all items in that section.

There are also some great earrings on her MM board, target is low at just 50 clicks. I've made no secret that Ela Design is one of my favorite So be sure to head over today and check it out.

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