Monday, May 10, 2010

Skin, hair and lingerie ;-)

RL has kept me from bloggin these past few days... but I still wanted to bring you a few things that I simply adore and couldn't wait to show you.

The fawn skins are from Pink Fuel, andI simply fell in love with them.. I couldn't pick just one, so I purchased both. They are Pink Fuel's 75L project Themeory promotion and I squeeked when I put them on. You get the cleavage option as well as the no nose option... they are soft and romantic and just so pretty. (when I posted this, they were still up for sale at 75L)

The hair is a preview of an upcomming release from W&Y and I'm such a big fan of their hair. They have generous gifts out and a lucky board. As you enter the building there is a TP board, behind it there are 4 styles of hair at 1L each. Pay them a visit, they have many styles to choose from !!

The lingerie was a Mom's day gift from the Ema's Secret.

Pink Fuel Shy Fawn with W&Y Hair New 143
(A few years ago, my hair was exactly like this)
fawn 2

Shy fawn with nose
fawn 1

Pink Fuel Sweet Fawn with W&Y model hair 20
fawn 3

fawn 4

Here are the 4 styles from W&Y at 1L/each

fawn 5

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